Mommy and Baby Photography Session | Indianapolis Baby Photographer

The third session of our baby certificate is the perfect time for a mommy and baby photography session.  It ideally falls sometime between 6-9 months and mom is just starting to get her energy back.  It is possible she has seen more than just four hours sleep in a row!!!!

The four artist study prints that are included in the package are perfect for showcasing one of the most important of any relationship.  So moms, if you are hesitant about getting in your baby’s pictures, please reconsider during this time.  I promise you won’t regret it.

mommy and baby photography session

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Rene’s Senior Portraits | Indiana High School Senior Photographer

How stunning are Rene’s senior portraits.  As an Indiana High School Senior Photographer, I am always so grateful that I continually get the opportunity to photograph down to earth seniors.  Seniors here in Indiana are very aware of the fashion trends happening on the West and East Coast, but they have their own flare or twist.  And Rene has a classic style.

My tip to upcoming girl seniors that they can take from Rene’s session is her stunning brown eyes.  Makeup tip - less is more.  Steer clear of shimmering eye shadow.

Indiana High School Senior Photographer

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Indianapolis High School Senior Photographer

Shardai came in for her senior portraits.  I loved her easy going personality and I think it came through in the location she chose by the lake.  I’m certain she is going to love her portraits and I know her family will.  Have a wonderful senior year, Shardai.

Indianapolis High School Senior Photographer



Carmel High School Senior Portraits

I loved photographing Matt’s Carmel High School Senior Portraits for a variety of reasons.

First, what a wonderful personality he has.

Second, it warmed my heart to see the relationship he had with his mother.  The good humor bantering back and forth was unique and very special.

Third, he was up for anything.  Although he had definite opinions of which images were his favorite, he was truly willing to have a playful nature in the studio.

Thanks for everything Matt.  I’m certain your mom is going to love love love hanging these images in her home:)


Family Maternity Pictures | Indianapolis Photographer

I just love these family maternity pictures.  Such a beautiful family and so full of spirit.  Typically I am not all about matching outfits, but this type of session is definitely the exception.  The beautiful white flowing outfits mom choose were perfect for the type of images she wanted to capture.  I’m extremely excited to print and frame her wall pieces.

family maternity pictures

Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to photograph these for you.  Now I can’t wait for the baby!