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“What do I get my wife for our 1 year anniversary?”  Tradition states the first year anniversary gift should be paper.  What better gift than a beautiful print.  And what better sentiment then scheduling a couple photography session.  Tell her you would do it all again.

This happy couple recently celebrated their one year anniversary.  Although they are both busy professionals, they found a few quick moments to join me at the studio.

So guys, it doesn’t always take much effort to make your wife happy.  Surprise her by scheduling the session.  Just make sure you let her know well enough in advance so she can get her hair and makeup done.  After all, we girls always want to look our best.

couple photography sessionCall to schedule your couple session.  317.598.2677

I enjoy capturing families as they are.  How they really interact with one another.  Candid photography.  Relationship photography.  There are many names for these images.

I love doing a dramatic crop and turn the image black and white.   That being said, I love printing these large.  The larger the better.  What better image to come home to after a rough day than this.  It reminds us what is important.  I personally find it calming.

I have an image similar to this in my home.  A whopping 20×40 and in case of a fire, my husband has been instructed to save my child and then my framed piece.

If you want an image like this to remind you of what is important, give me a call and we can schedule your family session.  317.598.2677

relationship photography


I love being a children photographer.  Especially when someone as lovely as this little beauty comes into the studio.  Shy, it was fun coaxing her out of her shell, but you could tell she loved getting her picture taken.  But the camera loves her back.

This session was taken during the middle of the day just outside the studio.  Although it can be a challenge to photograph at that time of day, don’t let anyone tell you it isn’t possible.  It is more important that you find the right time of the day for your child.  We will always work around the lighting situation if you want outdoor images.

Contact us to schedule your child’s session.  317.598.2677

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Before you know it, July 1 and 2 will be here and our family mini sessions will be unavailable.  This is the only time that we discount high resolution digital images.

The family mini sessions are 30 minutes, include 10 digital images, and a five image 30×5 storyboard.

Check out availability and schedule your session by clicking here.

If you doubt what can be done in 30 minutes, here is a recent google review.

We recently had a 30 minute Family Mini Session, and it was fantastic.  We wanted a few family shots and a few images of just the kids that we will use for marketing purposes.  Amy was AWESOME!  She’s efficient, great with kids, and it was so easy that my husband left asking if she should take a few more shots since it seemed to go so fast.  However, at our viewing session today, we saw SO MANY pictures we wanted!  Our mini session allowed us 10 digital images, but there were at least 40 great pictures that we really had to work hard to narrow it down to just 10.  Give this woman 15 minutes, and you’ll have photos you’ll cherish forever!  Katherine

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