Newborn Baby Portrait Packages | Indianapolis Photographer

I love our newborn baby portrait packages.  They are especially valued by our clients with more than one child.  Parents are thrilled that I include siblings and families in these sessions.  Of course I always concentrate on making sure we get great images of the newest member of the family, however, it is important on many levels that the entire family get in pictures with the baby.  After all, it is the emerging relationship we are nurturing.

Portraiture’s baby certificate offers four sessions for the baby’s first year — newborn, 4 month, 8 month, and 1 year.  Parents tell us time and again how thankful they are that they have a regular opportunity to get their baby photographed.  Time seems to speed up when you have a newborn and before you know it, you can miss important milestones.  By designating appropriate developmental times of the baby, the certificate assists parents in identifying the best times to photograph their newborn.

The first session is designed to capture the small and delicate features of a newborn.  The second session captures those first coos, smiles and funny facial expressions.  The third session captures the emerging independence that comes with a baby sitting on its own.  And the final one year celebrates that one year mark and a baby becoming a toddler.

Want more information about our baby packages?  Click our newborn baby portrait link.

newborn baby portrait packages

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Koala Kids Holiday Baby Clothing | Indianapolis Photographer

Generally, I am not all about photographing outfits – I like photographing the expressions of the child and the relationships of families.  But for every rule, there is always the exception.  Over the holiday’s and during special occasions I get excited to see some of the unique outfits parents bring to have their children photographed in.  One such session recently was a baby session in some Koala Kids Holiday Baby Clothing.  The outfit was totally adorable and made for some great images.  This little cutie could be on their next year’s holiday catalog — just saying:)

koala kids holiday baby clothing


Winter Family Photography | Indianapolis Photographer

Winter Family Photography doesn’t have to be all about one type of session — all indoors or all outdoors.  With the exception of small children, we can always pop outside for a few shots and then pop back in for some hot chocolate or warming our hands by the space heater.  Send us your email information if you would like to be notified of any last minute winter sessions — such as snow pictures.  We will also post any available snow sessions on our Facebook page.  We will schedule these sessions when the weatherman reports of some decent snow accumulation.

Winter Family Photography

We look forward to seeing your family this year.  Schedule your session by calling the studio at 317.598.2677

Santa Photo Sessions | Indianapolis Photographer

We had an amazing time this year with the Santa Photo Sessions.  With the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas being so short this year, we made the conscious decision to only offer the sessions for one day.  This gave us the opportunity to personally enjoy each and every session.  And what a fun time we had.  Between the wonderful pre-made lists, the candy cane sword fights, and cookie sharing, we couldn’t have asked for a better way to start off the holiday season.

Santa photo sessions

We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and we wish you a joyous New Year.  Call the studio to be placed on our email list if you want to be informed of future special events.  317.598.2677

Photographing Young Families | Indiana Photographer

I love photographing young families.  The secret is in finding something that the young kids can get into.  Ready set go .. run under mom and dad’s hands.  Snapping the image at just the right moment takes several tries and that is all the better.  Many times moms say their kids crash in the car after a session because it can be a lot of work for them.

Oh, to be three and four again.  Do you think they realize this is some of the best days of their lives?  I think these parents know it is theirs.