Photographing Young Families | Indiana Photographer

I love photographing young families.  The secret is in finding something that the young kids can get into.  Ready set go .. run under mom and dad’s hands.  Snapping the image at just the right moment takes several tries and that is all the better.  Many times moms say their kids crash in the car after a session because it can be a lot of work for them.

Oh, to be three and four again.  Do you think they realize this is some of the best days of their lives?  I think these parents know it is theirs.


Photographing Boys Boys Boys | Indiana Photographer

No one who knows me would ever doubt that I am a true girly girl.  I cried when recently my chiropractor insisted that I give up the high heels and platform shoes.  But I adore photographing boys.

Boys are honest.  I read a study recently where girls and boys were given lemonade with salt instead of sugar.  Overall boys would tell you it tasted terrible, where girls would politely drink it and smile.  So when I photograph boys, I love those honest expressions.

It is sometimes more difficult to get a boy’s attention.  When you ask most boys a question they try and answer it in one word if possible.  A little girl can go on and on about anything.

The old saying of “Snips and snails and puppy dog tails, that’s what little boys are made of” is not far off as I can tell.  That’s why I love photographing them.

Photographing Boys


Twin Senior Photo Shoot | High School Senior Photographer

Laura and Marie are twins with their own unique personality.  That certainly came shining through in their twin senior photo shoot we took last month.

One of the most adorable feature of these two is how they are each other’s biggest fan.  Imagine being able to go through life with your biggest cheerleader always by your side.  Although I’m not sure what their plans are after high school, I’m certain their relationship will continue to grow and grow.  It was a pleasure photographing your family.  I would love to get all four sisters together next time they are in town together for a group shoot.


twin senior photo shoot



Ashley’s Portraits | Hamilton Southeastern Senior Photographer

I wish I could be the official Hamilton Southeastern Senior Photographer.  One of the reasons would be that I would get to photograph more students like Ashley.  What an unbelievable sweet and sincere young person she is.  Her eyes are absolutely mesmerizing.

Thanks for letting me photograph you, Ashley.  I’m excited to see what the future brings to you.

Hamilton Southeastern Senior Photographer


Fall Family Portraits | Indianapolis Family Photographer

Our fall family portraits special was a lot of fun.  Here are a selection of some of the images.  Some things of note include:

1.  Session times don’t have to be long in order to capture great a good variety of images.  Our 30 minute sessions may not leave room for lots of outfit changes, but it does allow plenty of time for breakdowns of family members.  Individuals of the kids, as well as them together, and the family as a whole make for great wall groupings or holiday cards.  And I always wish to include a couple portrait.  This image is perfect for a spouses desk.

2.  All sessions can include both inside and outside images.  Unless the weather is completely crappy, there is no reason we can’t even grab a few umbrellas and get some outdoor images.  The beauty of the studio is that we can pop outside for as little as 5 minutes.

Our next family portrait mini special is scheduled for January 7 & 8.  You can schedule your appointment online or call the studio.  The session is 30 minutes, includes a 30×5 storyboard mounted print and 10 digital images for $249.

If you want a full hour session, call and schedule your appointment.  Studio sessions are $20.

Fall Family Portraits