Erica & Jeremy | Austin Destination Wedding Photography

Just got back from Austin, Texas to photograph Erica & Jeremy’s Destination Wedding at the Hyatt.  I know the couple is anxious to see some images so I’m going to post just a FEW.  I still have a lot to go through.

Couple of observations about Austin:

1.  Is the criteria for citizenship in Austin that you have to be good looking?  I never saw more beautiful people walking around a city in my life!

2.  The only city I know of that celebrates bats.  Yes, I said BATS.

Thank you so much Erica and Jeremy for allowing me to be a part of your special day.  What an extraordinary couple you are!

Destination Wedding Photography




The Newborn Baby Photo Session | Indianapolis Photographer

No two newborn baby photo session (s) are the same.  We may have a certain tested ritual we attempt to duplicate, but the number one most important element to a successful newborn session is to follow baby’s lead.  We have to be able to adapt to what the baby’s needs as opposed to force a baby to mold to our will.

First time parents may take a little longer to become aware of that fact.  But once they do, it is amazing how much simpler life can become.  Isn’t it funny that when the second baby comes along — parents think their baby is so much different.  I suspect it is less the baby that has changed, but instead mom and dad’s expectations.

newborn baby photo session

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2 year old photo session | Indianapolis Photographer

What makes a 2 year old photo session special?  Playing.

You have heard of the terrible twos.  The temper tantrums.  The stubbornness.  Well I like to think of it as the wonderful 2s.  This is the time when your child wants to play and have fun.  Steady on their feet, they are wanting to run and go wild.  I have some great tricks up my sleeve to get them to do what I want and we can get some amazing images from a two year olds session.

What not to do?  Don’t bribe a two year old during the session.  “If you smile and behave we will get a cake pop afterwards.”  Guess what.  All that your two year old heard was “cake pop.”

Bring lots of outfits for this session.  We treat it as dress up time and the kids love it.  A good idea is to color co-ordinate the images too.  Find a color pallet that fits your home or your child’s room décor.  One of my favorite things to design for you is a canvas collage.

So remember, have fun, relax, and NO BRIBING!  Your child will do great.

2 year old photo session


Mommy and Baby Photography Session | Indianapolis Baby Photographer

The third session of our baby certificate is the perfect time for a mommy and baby photography session.  It ideally falls sometime between 6-9 months and mom is just starting to get her energy back.  It is possible she has seen more than just four hours sleep in a row!!!!

The four artist study prints that are included in the package are perfect for showcasing one of the most important of any relationship.  So moms, if you are hesitant about getting in your baby’s pictures, please reconsider during this time.  I promise you won’t regret it.

mommy and baby photography session

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Rene’s Senior Portraits | Indiana High School Senior Photographer

How stunning are Rene’s senior portraits.  As an Indiana High School Senior Photographer, I am always so grateful that I continually get the opportunity to photograph down to earth seniors.  Seniors here in Indiana are very aware of the fashion trends happening on the West and East Coast, but they have their own flare or twist.  And Rene has a classic style.

My tip to upcoming girl seniors that they can take from Rene’s session is her stunning brown eyes.  Makeup tip - less is more.  Steer clear of shimmering eye shadow.

Indiana High School Senior Photographer

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