A Perfect Sibling Photo Shoot | Indianapolis Children Photographer

What a beautifully perfect sibling photo shoot we had with these two adorable girls.

Every time I think it is time to retire the beautiful gold sofa in my studio, the perfect session comes along where any other piece of furniture just wouldn’t do.  Designed in the 1940s, this French provincial couch was a great find at Midland Antiques.  I originally purchased it and lugged it down to a golf course for a bride in September 2010.  Here is a link to Erin & Jeremy’s sunset wedding blog that features the sofa.

It didn’t take long before we swore we were NOT moving the couch outside the studio again.  A heavier piece of furniture doesn’t exist.

But my heart just can’t let it go.  It may sit unused for weeks, but then, there it is.  Ideal for the look we are going for.  So it looks like it is here to stay.

Can’t wait to share the framed canvas with their parents!  I also have just found the perfect frame for the couch.


Sibling Photo Shoot


Indiana University Newborn Baby Photos | Indianapolis Photographer

I’m going to only give you one guess where this little cutie’s parents went to school.   Normally I strongly suggest not putting a newborn into oversized clothes.  Here is the exception that breaks all the rules.  Go Hoosiers.

Indiana University Newborn Photos

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Flower Girl | Carmel Children Photography

When her mother brought her in for her photography session, I was blown away by the beautiful flower headpiece she had made.  It was stunning!  No less stunning than the brown eyed beauty who wore it.

Although many parents want the smiling looking in the camera picture, the pouty face or no smiles are my favorites.

carmel children photography

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Erica & Jeremy | Austin Destination Wedding Photography

Just got back from Austin, Texas to photograph Erica & Jeremy’s Destination Wedding at the Hyatt.  I know the couple is anxious to see some images so I’m going to post just a FEW.  I still have a lot to go through.

Couple of observations about Austin:

1.  Is the criteria for citizenship in Austin that you have to be good looking?  I never saw more beautiful people walking around a city in my life!

2.  The only city I know of that celebrates bats.  Yes, I said BATS.

Thank you so much Erica and Jeremy for allowing me to be a part of your special day.  What an extraordinary couple you are!

Destination Wedding Photography




The Newborn Baby Photo Session | Indianapolis Photographer

No two newborn baby photo session (s) are the same.  We may have a certain tested ritual we attempt to duplicate, but the number one most important element to a successful newborn session is to follow baby’s lead.  We have to be able to adapt to what the baby’s needs as opposed to force a baby to mold to our will.

First time parents may take a little longer to become aware of that fact.  But once they do, it is amazing how much simpler life can become.  Isn’t it funny that when the second baby comes along — parents think their baby is so much different.  I suspect it is less the baby that has changed, but instead mom and dad’s expectations.

newborn baby photo session

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