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Spring is here at the studio at the first sound of “peep peep” from our first duck session.

But what you don’t see in the photos:

1) That “Fresh Barn Smell”
2) 80 packs of organic chemical free baby wipes
3) jumbo pack of hand sanitizer
4) those countless wood chips
5) 3-a-day Grande Americanos

Duck Session (1)Duck Session (2)Duck Session (3)Duck Session (4)

Duck Session (5)Duck Session (6)

Duck Session (7)Duck Session (8)Duck Session (9)


The last couple of posts have been about the all important one year milestone.  But what about the two year photography session?  Don’t we all WANT to be two.  How amazing is the world to a two year old.  Two year olds explore traveling in a variety of ways, crawling, swinging, rolling, running, hopping, skipping and jumping.  Two year olds join in singing their favorite songs.  The studio is always lively when a two year old is visiting.

Schedule your two year olds session by calling the studio.  317.598.2677

Two Year Photography Session2 year photos (7)2 year photos (6)2 year photos (5)2 year photos (4)2 year photos (3)2 year photos (2)


We get asked a lot by parents, “How can I make my one year baby photo shoot special?  Do you have any suggestions?”

A good imagination will take you far during a baby’s session.  It doesn’t ever have to be elaborate.  This little cutie celebrated her birthday among the clouds last week in the studio.  Her parents brought some balloons, basket and a cute aviator cap.  Up Up and Away we went.

Behind the scenes they were also able to get individual pictures of her as well as a smash the cake pictures.  This was the last session from our one year baby package.  Call the studio to schedule your baby’s session and don’t forget to pack the imagination:)

Stylized One Year Baby Photo Shoot


It has no doubt been a very long and a very cold winter here in Indiana.  But a recent winter family photography session showcases just how beautiful the winters can be.  With Spring just around the corner, we will all be happy to see the beautiful green grass, lush trees, and colorful flowers that come with warmer weather.

But just before we give way to those images, let us stop and appreciate the beauty that our winter brought.  The cold of winter allows us to shed excess distractions.  It’s slow pace allows us to concentrate on our relationships.  Winter is quiet. Winter is full of grace.

Winter Family Photography Session

But Winter has yet brighter scenes — he boasts

Splendors beyond what gorgeous Summer knows,

Or Autumn with his many fruits, and woods

All flushed with many hues.  Come when the rains

Have glazed the snow and clothed the trees with ice,

While the slant sun of February pours

Into the bowers a flood of light.  Approach!

The incrusted surface shall upbear thy steps,

And the board arching portals of the grove

Welcome thy entering.

William Cullen Bryant.