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“I don’t want to be two.”

That was the initial attitude of the little cutie that came to the studio last week for her two year portrait session.  I understand sweetie.  Sometimes I wish I was still one ..  when you ate from a bottle, got rocked to sleep every night, and got carried everywhere. But look how excited your mom and dad are that you are turning two.  Mom bought you a big balloon #2 and what a pretty dress you have on.  Two can be pretty great too you know.  You get to

  • control what is watched on TV before you go to bed  (All the Disney channel you want)
  • get to sit at the big table and eat with everyone else. (I bet you even get away with taking Dad’s last piece of pizza)
  • learn to speak more words (“No” will get to be your favorite, I bet)

Yeah, two is going to be a great year for you and your parents.  You will have the time of your life.

  • Getting to go down the big slide at the park
  • Making lots of new friends
  • Learning new songs
  • Reading picture books

And before you know it, you’ll be three.  With a new dress and more balloons.  So enjoy two, honey.  Just make sure Mom and Dad have plenty of headache medicine.two year portrait session2345

“Smell my feet, give me something good to eat.”  A baby session doesn’t have to be all elaborate and heavily propped.  Actually some of my favorite sessions are where the parents come in totally exhausted.  Where it took all the energy they had to just get to the studio.  What I like to label as the come as you are photography session.

“I know you probably won’t get anything, but here we are.”

No special clothing.  No high expectations.  Just kids being kids.  I am not surprised how often these images become all time favorites.  The ones that my clients refer to time and time again.  “You remember those pictures of my daughter kissing my son’s feet…the one you had me frame big for my family room?  That is my favorite picture of my kids EVER!”

So the next time you are thinking of rescheduling your appointment because it just seems too hard — reconsider.  Lower your expectations.  Let your guard down.  Let your kids be themselves.  You just might get the memory that will last a lifetime.

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come as you are photography session2345


What better way to welcome us into the Spring season than a bright colorful childrens portrait session.  I love how authentic these sisters are with one another.  When they were with one another, it was as if the camera didn’t exist.  I LOVED that.

bright colorful childrens portraits2

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Easter pictures with the ducks couldn’t have gone much better.  There wasn’t a single session where we didn’t get some adorable images.  We get asked a lot of questions about our ducks sessions:

1.  Are they REAL ducks?  Absolutely.  The sessions were photographed on Thursday – Saturday and the chicks were hatched the previous Saturday.  So they are really small.

2.  What if my children are afraid of the ducks? This happens.  Usually by the end of the session, they are willing to pet their heads with two gentle fingers.  But we do have tricks for making sure the ducks are in at least a few pictures.  Believe it or not ducks are pretty smart critters.  They congregate in packs and if separated, they will start “peeping” loudly as a means to find one another.  If we place one in the background and the rest at a fair distance, the lone duck will start waddling toward the other ducks.  Presto.  Duck background!

3.  What do you do with the ducks when you are done with them? Although we may be tempted to keep a couple, all the ducks are delivered to a farm down south.  These are Buff ducks which mean they are egg laying ducks.   After a few days with the ducks, actually, we are pretty happy to deliver them to their new home.  They take a lot of work.  We take our hats off to the farmers.

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We have expanded the options for our mini photo shoot sessions this year.  This is the only time when high resolution digital images are discounted.  These sessions are 30 minutes, include 10 high resolution digital images, and a 30×5 mounted storyboard photo print.  The sessions can be used for photographing children or families.  We offer these sessions quarterly.  The next sessions are offered July 1 & 2.  You can go online to check availability and to schedule your appointment.  Or check out specials page on our website.

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