Outdoor baby pictures

This year has been spectacular for outdoor baby pictures.  The color has been so vibrant.  Unlike a couple of other years ago when we were plagued by draught, this year the weather has been perfect!  Is this what California weather is like?  No wonder people want to move there if it is.

Take advantage of this beautiful summer and schedule a studio session.  We can walk around outside and get some adorable images.

image of baby shot from overhead position.  outdoor baby pictures


Indianapolis Newborn Baby Photography

Our Indianapolis newborn baby photography package is extremely popular.  It makes a wonderful baby shower gift for new parents.  It offers some beautiful custom designed products for the parents.  For example the first session includes 25 baby announcements.  The certificate is beautifully packaged and certificates are printed on torn edge watercolor paper.  Call the studio to discuss this baby package if you would like to purchase for yourself or give as a gift.  317.598.2677

Indianapolis Newborn Baby Photography

Newborn Baby Photography Package

Portraits with an artistic angle

I realize if I showcased all my portraits with an artistic angle, I would probably go out of business.  HA.  But I love having at least some to present to clients during every shoot.  I’ll give you some of my reasons why I ADORE this photo and I wouldn’t hesitate to frame it big on my wall.

1.  By having the camera at a high angle, it characterizes how small and vulnerable kids are.  This is one of my favorite perspectives when photographing children.

2.  Some clients will have a hard time accepting this image because they see the children as upside down.  But by photographing from this angle, I feel you are drawn into their relationship and the moment rather than the “details” of the photo.

Well that is my 2cents worth.  So the next time you are taking your children’s pictures, try and see what a unique angle might give to the image.

portraits with an artistic angle


Lifestyle Family Photography

There are a lot of different classifications of photography.  Lifestyle family photography is the description some photographers give to their work.  When clients are asking for these types of images, they generally are wanting to capture the true relationship of their family.

A lifestyle family portrait session may take place in a family’s natural environment such as their home.  However, that is not always necessary.  What is most important is to capture the interaction of a family.  How they look at each other.  How they laugh with each other.

The secret and the challenge with getting these images is to create a session that allows children to just be themselves.  To not become aware of the “lady with camera”.  That is when I want to be their friend.  Where it is fun to come to the studio, not because of the pictures we take, but because they get to be themselves.  Carry on conversations about what we had for breakfast.  Talk about our favorite color.  Sing songs.  And get great images mom and dad will want to hang on their wall.

Lifestyle family photography



He is only young once | Carmel children photographer

When parents are thinking about having their children aged 7-10 photographed, many times they get caught up in what they should wear.  As demonstrated in this adorable home session, what is most important is documenting who your child is now.  Playing life guard, piloting his aircraft, romping with his favorite stuffed animal, or rolling in the grass with mom, this home session was perfect in capturing who he is this summer.

In addition to wanting some images of her and her son to decorate her home, this mom is now anxiously waiting for a custom designed storybook album that I am certain will be treasured far far into the future.

How much fun is a session where a kid is allowed to be himself and play in his own environment?  How amazing is it to decorate your home with these images?  How unforgettable is a treasured professionally designed and printed storybook of those images?

I would love the opportunity to design a similar session for your child. Call the studio to schedule your child’s photography session before these memories are just a blur.  317-598-2677

Carmel Children Photographer


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